Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Can you hear me now?

In today's high tech world, we can communicate with each other like never before. We all have cell phones, e-mails, blackberries to check our e-mails, and even silly little blogs like this one, just to make us feel like someone is listening to our mundane thoughts. We must value this basic need because people get really angry when our precious lines of communication gets cut off. Have the Internet connection at your house ever gone out? You feel like you might as well have been in an air raid during World War II. The isolation you felt because you can't get to that spam sitting in your inbox driving you nuts.

I think the fact that technology is not 100% reliable just makes just more angry with each other. I mean, you can never really get mad at a machine and feel satisfied, so you transfer that anger to the next available person...You ever talk to someone on the cell phone, and they start breaking up and they can't understand you? You know it's not their fault that you can't hear them, but you grow more and more frustrated that you have to repeat yourself, and you start yelling at the person, like loud volume is what's going to clear up the cellular transmission. Then you start fighting with the person about how Molly Ringwald WASN'T in St. Elmo's Fire and friendships gets destroyed, countries start to bicker, war breaks out....maybe Bin Laden just wants to get out of his cave to see if he has any new messages on Myspace.