Monday, December 31, 2007

End of another year?

I thought as we draw close to 2007, I will acknowledge the year that was by finally taking part in one of its technologically hip trends. Yes, this was the year that the social networking phenomenon took off and I finally succumb and joined one. It's not really the whole networking with friends that I really care about (although it does seem to do some of the keeping in touch with others that I am otherwise so poor at). I just want to play with all of the web apps that are developed for such sites. So if you ever visit my page, don't be distracted by the endless random social applications (or not, it's experimental that way). As I am shocked and surprised that anyone reads this blog, I will be pretty impressed that you leave me a message as well.

Oh, I never mentioned which site I finally joined, huh? I have been telling everyone that since I am such a Google whore that I want to join Orkut, with the tag line of, "It's the number 1 social networking site in Brazil!" In the end, I will just have to play with OpenSocial apps elsewhere....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Parental Quiz

So when I open the fridge and see this:

Candy Storage

Should I think:

a) Man, if there is room for individual pieces of candy in the fridge (it's on the bottom shelf too), I obviously need to do some grocery shopping.

b) Well, at least they want to take care of the candy they have and not let it melt in my couch.

c) Why haven't I eaten their Mr. Goodbar yet??

The crazy things kids do....