Friday, September 22, 2006

Stuff It


It was bound to happen.

Really, how can you say you have raised kids unless one (or both) of them has stuffed something they shouldn't up their nose/ear? Sara has been sticking things out of her nose lately (usually her finger, which then goes in her mouth. Mmmmm...). She was playing with the pussy willow plant at my parents house when she started to complaint about her nose hurting. I thought she might have scratched her nose on the inside so I told her to stop and left it at that. The next day it occurred to Britt that whatever she was messing with might STILL be up her nose. So she took a flashlight and there it was. A quick trip to the doctor, a sturdy pair of tweezers, and out came...that thing. Sara didn't complaint. Apparently it was all lube up so it was easy to pop out.
We now return you to whatever meal that you were thinking about having. Good luck with that.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fall Seasoning

I think I have found my new favorite tv show.

Since this is looking like the last season of Scrubs, I started to check out some new shows this season to see if my Tivo is going to get much of a workout this fall. I fell for the hype and watched Studio 60 on Sunset Strip and was really impressed. I have always been meaning to check out an Aaron Sorkin creation. I had one of the "always meant to watch it but never did" things with Sports Night and The West Wing, so if I wasn't going to get in now I won't watch this either. For those of you who have experience the Sorkin style of writing, this is like comfort food. For a novice like me, I was blown away from the quality of dialogue and just the smart wit. Now, people don't really talk like that in real life, but at the same time I like to think it encourages people to talk more intelligently. It's the witty dialogue that gets me to watch Gilmour Girls with Brittany every week. (there, I've admitted it. I watch Gilmour Girls)