Sunday, February 27, 2005

Party like it's....

We had a birthday party yesterday for Sara and it was good. My daughters are still young enough where there really aren't THAT many actual kids around, really just family and friends. We like to have parties at our house, and coming up with good ideas for food and the like. There are certain things we have learned from our parties:

- No matter how many people under the age of 10 are at the parties, having a lot of balloons present will result in all participants to behave like an 8 year old. We always figure that when it's the girl's birthday, having a lot of balloons will make it festive....then everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) starts beating each other senseless with them...and we haven't learned yet.

- Like I said, we try to come up with some good idea or theme for food. Rest assure, though, that our party will always include Chinese food cooked by my parents. People are thankful and tell them how much they enjoy their cooking, but here's the truth: They just want to make sure they have something to eat. Ever since our macaroni and cheese party, they just don't want to go hungry, and are good sharers. The menu for my next party could just be...Chinese food, but that would be no fun.

- I can always count on one of my friends to get my kids something either: loud and has no volume control or off switch, bound to get all messy and on my wall and/or carpet, or oversized clothes from the Roseanne line of clothes from Thrift Town. I cannot wait to exact revenge on them when they have kids...

Parties are still great though and we can't wait until summer to have bbq's in our backyard. I got some tiki torches that I just can't wait to use.

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