Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Streak Continues (or New Beginnings)

So I was caught up in the hype and caught the Gigantes-Boulders game Monday night, the debut of golden boy Matt Cain. I wanted to see for myself all the hype and I certainly want to see it well. I browsed Craig's List and found a pair of Field Club seats for 75 bucks. I called it a bargain so I went for it. It took a while to find someone available to go (Tim really needs to quit that loser job), but I found someone that enjoys the hype of the young phenom as much as I do (hey he's a Twins fan. Every Tuesday is new phenom night). So I ventured into the world of luxurious baseball watching....

- So the cool thing about the field club (other than being close enough to spit at the players) is the separate entrance. No being herded like cattles for us. In fact, when you first enter, there is this whole eating area -- with no lines! I felt guilty not getting any food (I pretty much shattered my meager budget this week on the tickets) and taking advantage...leaving after the game was even better. Twenty thousand people leaving at the same time, but I walked right out. That was worth admission already.

- Crazy thing about cozy seats, they are all pretty much owned by season ticket owners. You sit there and everyone around you greets one another by their first name, ushers come by and ask about work today, and most of them leave after six or seven innings and tell each other that they will see them tomorrow night...they would have totally sold me out if I spit at Todd Helton.

- Hey anyone knows what they play in the bathroom before the game starts? I know they radio broadcast comes on during the game ... So I went to the bathroom about 10 minutes before game time. The bathroom looked like a slightly bigger version of my bathroom at home, minus the shower, the scale, and the feminine hygeine products. I was just getting down to business when I hear Renel (voice of the Giants...and old school R & B) come over the speakers, telling me that it was Scout Night and Troop whatever the heck would be presenting the colors during the National Anthem...Does anyone know the rule for the national anthem while in the urinal? Is it more offending to not take off my cap or to splash all over the place while the bombs burst in the air? (metaphorically speaking) Can anyone help me out here?

- By the way, the Giants lost, and I don't think anyone really cared. We all felt bad that Matt Cain didn't get a win for a decent pitching performance, but we were happy to just have seen the Next Big Thing do his stuff...Plus he made fans of us one at a time getting about 84 foul balls into the stands.

- Byung Hyun Kim swinging a bat is funny.....Byung Hyun Kim doing a pirouette while batting is freaking hilarious.

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