Friday, September 09, 2005

The Thrill of Victory

Softball Alan

Back to back games, but we were ready. We had beat this team before and we were playing the best ball all season. It was an early start, there would be no 12-run rule, and no time limit. Seven innings between us and the nicest championship t-shirts you can't buy. I took the mound again and we were running on all cylinders to start. Three quick runs in the first for us and we kept scoring. I had a shutout through three innings and we were up 9-0. I then lost the plate for a few batters and and gave up a few team bailed me out though when we scored again...and again..again. When have you scored enough in a softball game? Probably when the other team yells at you for sending the runners on every we run the bases aggressively, big deal? Anyway we won by a somewhat lobsided score (I can't remember exactly again. They were pretty mad, and they didn't bother playing the last inning), and I am the proud owner of a 2005 Novato Softball Champion t-shirt. I've never been part of a champion team before, I can get used to it. I'll miss just playing more though. It's been a great summer...Is there like a flag football league we can join next?

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