Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!

So for Halloween, we had a party. We always try to get people to dress up, with mixed results. My wife was supportive and dressed up, with the Halloween theme and everything...

Candy Corn girl
(For the records, it is not a condom, a go-go dancer, or "an ugly dress and I just thought you had bad taste." It's a candy corn dress. Apparently some of our friends are either drunks or are just idiots)

My kids were all involved, of course. They even had two costumes to switch depending on the occasion....

Tigger and Nala
(No no, Tigger and Nala, not Winnie the Pooh....I swear, next year I am just having a name tag party)

I really wanted to dress up, I swear. I looked everywhere with my family but I just didn't find anything that I liked and wasn't too expensive...so I just blended in with those that were in costume.

Alan and Sammi
(I have never seen nor read any Harry Potter....can't I be one of the wizard kid's lame normal friend? Is there such a role?)

So the party still went well. The turnout was great and that's the most important thing...wait, the food. The food is the most important thing....

Tim feasting
(Right, Tim?)

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Tim said...

You are correct my friend - the food!