Monday, December 12, 2005

Hooked on Phonics

Hannah is a pretty smart kid. She supposedly is around the top of her class and she loves to read everything in sight. So I am in no way laughing AT her. She probably can read more than I could have when I was her age (actually considering that I was still living in Hong Kong when I was her age, chances are pretty dang good that she is more advanced than I was). English being a messed up language, funny things come up. She was walking around a shopping plaza when she pointed out the ups store, that was cute. The best was when she was going over her reading list with Brittany and asking what the word was after "come on."

"Come on?" my wife asked, "What 'come on?'"

"You know, the word after 'come on'!"

"You mean, 'common'?"

"Oh, yeah. Common..."


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