Sunday, September 18, 2005

The End of Summer

Went to the Giants game when Barry hit 704, courtesy of work...Good times...good to see renewed energy at the Phone Booth again...although it was my first Dodger game in a while and I was expecting a little more energy. Ah well, in this season full of slings and arrows, it was a good time. And I broke my losing streak, with another walk-off single for the fans to go home happy. Probably my last Giants game of the year, and I didn't even have any garlic fries.

So a week later I ended up at an A's game. Fireworks night (like the 4th one from the A's this year. Nothing like some explosives to attract the fans of the Green and Gold) was a good way to bring the kids one last time (like they haven't turned into A's fans enough as it is, courtesy of all them two dollar days..."Let's go Oak-Land!" chants are popular around my household). As it turns out, work came through again and I was awarded two lower level seats, owned by Mr. Al Brayton himself. I already had six tickets in the upper level for the pyrotechnics extravaganza, of course, so I invited my sister and Chris to take two of the upper level tickets while Tim and I sat about 20 rows from the field. Sure it was weird to look up and see your Winnie the Pooh clad daughter up in the nosebleeds, but I think my wife didn't mind me being a Teixeira home run away for nine innings, as long as I came back to her for the fireworks (the post game ones of course. Our private fireworks were later). The game was ok, but the real star was the fireworks show. I have seen enough ballpark fireworks to know that it is usually a pretty good effort, but we were all dazzled at all the never before seen stuff that night. How many ways can you possible blow up technicolored bottled rockets, you ask? Well all I have to tell you was that I saw fireworks that was a cube....a cube, for all you geeks out there, is pretty cool at a fireworks show. McAfee Stadium is still the sight of some of the scariest fireworks show I have ever seen (some looked like they were set off from the roof my car), but I would take that over a crowded 4th of July or even a Michael Bay production any old day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Random Picture of My Kids I

tyrone biggums

I love Dave Chappelle. I will miss the Chappelle Show. My daughter will miss Tyrone Biggums...but likes powder donuts.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Thrill of Victory

Softball Alan

Back to back games, but we were ready. We had beat this team before and we were playing the best ball all season. It was an early start, there would be no 12-run rule, and no time limit. Seven innings between us and the nicest championship t-shirts you can't buy. I took the mound again and we were running on all cylinders to start. Three quick runs in the first for us and we kept scoring. I had a shutout through three innings and we were up 9-0. I then lost the plate for a few batters and and gave up a few team bailed me out though when we scored again...and again..again. When have you scored enough in a softball game? Probably when the other team yells at you for sending the runners on every we run the bases aggressively, big deal? Anyway we won by a somewhat lobsided score (I can't remember exactly again. They were pretty mad, and they didn't bother playing the last inning), and I am the proud owner of a 2005 Novato Softball Champion t-shirt. I've never been part of a champion team before, I can get used to it. I'll miss just playing more though. It's been a great summer...Is there like a flag football league we can join next?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

On the cusp of winning it all....

Of course I sneaked that softball post in yesterday because I had a game today. Playoff started and I took the hill again. We started with a difficult first inning and got out of it after three runs and a controversial call that went our way. Tied after one, we stalled in the second and broke out with 10 runs in the third. We added a few here and there, made some fine defensive plays, danced around a few hits, and we prevailed 15-5...or something like that. I came up with a new strategy with my pitching: concentrate on the girls. No offense but it's never a good idea to give up a walk to a girl. They just make the hits that inevitably come that much more costly. It's coed softball, people will score...anyway, I have to put my arm on ice, and get ready for the Big Game tomorrow night. Go Inlaws!

Are you ready for some FFL?

In honor of football season, and inspired by the Mad Cal himself, I like to introduce my about to be champions fantasy football team:

QB B. Leftwich
RB J. Lewis
RB L. Jordan
WR R. Moss
WR A. Johnson
TE R. McMichael
Def Bears
K J. Elam
RB T. Jones
WR T. Houshmandzadeh
WR A. Toomer
QB J. Harrington
WR D. Stallworth
RB M. Shipp
TE B. Troupe
K S. Graham

I took some risk with younger guys that I think will break out, and I hate to be rooting against J.J. Arrington in Arizona, but hey, a winner's a winner.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dog Days of Softball....

A quick look to see what's sitting in the draft folder....

I made my starting pitching debut at our last regular season game. It started out worrisome as I arrived early and found the other Brayton squad taking batting practice because their opponent forfeited again. Thinking I might get some pitching action I volunteered to toss them a few. Then I found that I still thought the plate was 6 inches closer than it actually was. Everything was consistently short and it was getting bad. Then the guys just two steps forward and adjusted, leading up to a liner right back up the middle and off my right arm. That hurted for a good long while and I was done helping them out.

I guess it might of loosened my arm though as I did get the call and pitched pretty well. My philosophy in softball pitching is just throw strikes and let my defense do the work. I even got three strikeouts (two looking) and ended the game by catching a familiar liner up the middle. We won 24-12, and we are off to the semi-finals, two wins away from the crown.