Friday, November 09, 2007

New! Bigger! Improved!

As much as some are seeing me develop into an Apple whore, my heart (or flower, if you want to keep the dirty metaphor going) already belongs to another. If you are talking about me willing to at least try to use every product that they spit out, just put the word Google in front of it and I'm there. I admit I did stray for a while there during the getting-to-know-you honeymoon phase with my iPhone, but with Gmail now supporting IMAP, the Google Reader coming out of beta, and my continual quest to better organize myself with the help of Google calendar (sharable so my wife/secretary can do the actual tracking of dates), I am back to being a faithful follower of all things G. (incidentally, if you are one of the lucky people with a few shares of their stock, I am waiting for my residual in the mail)

All of which leads me to introduce the newest feature of this humble blog. To the right you will see all my shared items from my Google Reader.....Who gives a crap what I am reading while at work everyday, you may ask? ... Well I don't know, what are you doing here now reading about my technically promiscuous ways? As you will probably notice, the items are heavy in tech and food items. Because if there is one thing that I like to do, it's eating good food and playing with gadgets...preferably both. (I'll be awaiting my invite)

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