Monday, October 27, 2008

Street Eats

Blondie's Pizza

It all started one Saturday night when the family decided to go to a women's volleyball game at Cal. We figured we would grab a bite to eat in the Telegraph area before the match. We started at Blondie's for a slice of the special (a Mediterranean mix that evening), then I wanted a Boba from Sweethearts cafe, and just had to splurge for the combo to have some fried fish balls (Hey! food on a stick!). Britt smelled fresh donuts from Kingpin so she got a dozen donut holes, and we topped it off with dessert from Yogurt Park. Oh yeah, did I mention we totally missed the volleyball game? I think after all that eating we would have passed out from food coma in the bleachers anyway.

Ever since, I have had a real interest in other cheap eats. A couple weeks ago I went to La Taqueria for the first time, arguably the most popular taqueria in the whole Bay Area. The tacos are big and filling, and even Hannah got over the abundance of parsley in the salsa and dug right in.

Pigging out

But then, I came across this article about a taco truck selling gourmet sandwiches once a week out in the Mission district (coincidentally, blocks away from La Taqueria), and I knew I had to go. Sure it's on a school night (ok, work night), and it's best to go later to avoid the longest lines, but I just had to go.

Mission Street Foods

We arrived at about 10:45 and easily found the place. It was the only taco truck with a large crowd outside milling about. It was a totally mellow, friendly crowd though. When I first walked up I didn't know where the line started as people just stood around. I soon figured out that there was an order taker up front who would put your order on a post it and passed it into the two cooks inside. After listening to an inebriated lady compliment the make-up prowess of my friend for a few minutes, I worked my way up front to place my order.

I was disappointed to find out that they were beginning to run out of some of the food. The flat bread was gone and now they were just using tortillas for their sandwiches. I was first told that they were out of brownies but then they found out that it was the brie that they put on top that had run out. Another minute later I was told that they had one last piece of brownie with brie and it was all mine. I thought it would just be a small slice of brie on top to compliment the brownie, but as you can see, it's a big wedge along with some hazelnut. It is weird but it was also really good. I ate half of it before my sandwich was ready!


Even though I didn't get a picture, believe me when I tell you the sandwich was equally good (It's probably because I was so excite it I ate it before a picture can be taken). The pork belly was flavorful and tender, and I didn't even know I liked jicama but it worked perfectly with the pork belly. It was easily the best thing I ate all week.

Somewhat sadly, I just found out today that the taco truck format is being abandoned for a rotating restaurant system. I will still follow them wherever they end up from week to week, but I certainly feel special for being a part of the taco truck community while it lasted.

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