Sunday, September 13, 2009

We be Strollin'

Parading Hannah

The Solano Stroll was today and we had the added excuse that Hannah and Britt was participating in the parade in the morning to promote her softball league. But really, I was just in it for the food.

Essential Stand

Most important thing for me at a street fair is above: "FUNNEL CAKE". The other stuff deep fried is good too.

Cute corn dog

Because there is no love like food-on-a-stick love. At least I think that's a corn dog she's posing with.

Crab Garlic Fries Bliss

New food is a plus too. You read that right. Crab garlic fries. And it tastes every bit as delicious as it sounds. Yum!

Head is too big for hats

Oh, and I found out that my head is just too big to pull off these sorts of hats. Ah well, Ne-Yo I will never be.

Sara rockin the hat

But fortunately it's not a genetic thing. Look at this cutie in her hat. If only her dad weren't so cheap...


Britty said...

but i love you in that hat even if it is too small

phuoc said...

doode...hat prices were insane there.