Friday, April 09, 2010

WonderCon 2010

In a weird twist of fate, Easter this year falls on the same weekend as WonderCon 2010... Well, maybe not so weird. Organizers probably looked at the target audience and thought, "these people probably don't know Easter from a Klingon bar mitzvah." In any case, those of us who did celebrate the resurrection of our savior can still squeeze in a little nerdness on a Sunday afternoon. Mostly it's these people here:

Waiting for the Chuck Panel

I just like the general festivities. We really went on Sunday because Britt really wanted to attend the Chuck panel where the cast talks about the show and does some Q & A. As a bonus, we were shown the next episode a whole day early. I never knew group watching something like that can be so much fun.

The Chuck Cast

None of us are big comic book readers, but the kids like all the dressing up and such. There are some questionable content for kids, but they are pretty good about keeping those things away from wandering eyes. For more kid friendly participants, Star Wars is always popular...


But this was most impressive. Homemade Buzz Lightyear costume, with real working buttons.

Buzz Lightyear!

I recommend any of you who haven't been to check it out next year. Definitely a spectacle...

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