Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The hardest job in the world

I was home early after a trip to the dentist today (a filling! The shame!). I decided to be the good husband and let Britt get a rare afternoon nap while I watched the kids and made dinner. It was only for a few hours and I was reminded of the how hard my wife's job is. A co-worker recently proclaimed that if she was a stay-at-home mom than she would get so much done around the house. I was offended for my wife at such an ignorant comment but I was still surprised at the craziness that she has to juggle on a daily basis.
I think part of the challenge for us is that our kids are so far apart in age. They just all have different needs to balance. On this day after school, there's Hannah working on a ton of long division and multiplication with decimals.
Hard at work
Honestly, I felt bad for her. Those are tedious long problems, and she had 60 problems on that worksheet. It's brutal for the 5th day of school. Might be a long year for her.
Then there's Sara, entering the 2nd grade, but sometimes I think she's ready for junior high herself. No homework yet for her so she's reading.
Obviously Hannah isn't  a fan of watching her younger sister having a good time with no homework. They are mostly good with each other but tempers are often short.
And then there's the baby. Who is warming up nicely for her terrible 2's. She is a terror around the house, and a loud one. I tried to get a picture of her messing the house up, and when she saw me coming she decided to give a pose instead...
A ham poses
Oh that Audrey, she is going to be a handful...
So yeah, a lot going on at home on any given afternoon. I'll be happily going back to work tomorrow. Thanks Britt for keeping the fort safe at home...

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