Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summer of Wedding

There comes a time in everyone's life where all your friends decide that they are ready for marriage. It's just that age where everyone is about ready, and suddenly your Saturdays are booked up for the next 3 months. This was our summer for weddings. We actually haven't been to that many before this summer, maybe an average of once a year. This summer, however, we made it to 5 weddings in a span of about 10 weeks. We love weddings, I mean, how can you not? Being asked to join in celebration of perhaps someone's happiest day is both an honor and a privilege... and the free food! Don't even get me started about the food...

We were fortunate enough to attend weddings that were all a little different. We went from sunny southern California to the foothills of the Sierras, there were outdoor weddings and indoor ceremonies, there were weddings in English as well as Spanish... wait, what?? Yeah, that's how we roll. Let's take a quick look back at them all, shall we?

Wedding #1 group

First was a trip down south to the wedding of our friends Cindy and Jason. A lovely church wedding, for two really great people. We ended up making a little vacation out of it and caught an Angels game as well as visit Britt's aunt and cousins.

Wedding #1

I especially liked how the couple highlighted the solid friendship, their failure in relationship the first time around, and the reconciliation that brought them closer than ever to each other. Congrats, Cindy and Jason!

Wedding #2 Cutout

Next was our friend Corrine and Jason's wedding (different Jason. really) Wedding was at a nice country club in Gilroy. Something about the well kept greens of a golf course that really makes a nice setting to a wedding. This was a really fun wedding, with two of the funnest people we know. Just look at the fun prom cutout that was provided for guest above...

Wedding #2

This was also the wedding with the "pants incident" which I really don't want to talk about. It's also where the staff spilled cocktail sauce on Britt's dress. Let's just call this a general wardrobe malfunction wedding for us....

Wedding #3 couple

Hey family wedding! My sister and I had a great time telling people that we were going to the wedding of our cousin Jose Chang. Yes he is my cousin! You don't see the resemblance? Not some weird third cousin twice remove either. His dad and my mom are siblings!

Wedding #3

Anyway, this wedding was in a catholic church and was mostly in Spanish. It was very cool to see the wedding of a different culture. Plus my whole family was there so it was fun to hang out with everyone. This wedding also gets another half point because two weeks later we had the Chinese wedding banquet. That makes 5.5 weddings!

Wedding #4 Bride

Then we were in Marin for the wedding of our dear friends Lis and James. The wedding was outside of a church with the most amazing view of the Bay. How amazing? Well see for yourself...

Wedding #4

Again, a beautiful wedding. We are friends with Lis and her parents and MK in so many ways that this almost felt like the wedding of a family member. The reception dinner was a total blast, with the kids tearing up the dance floor. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your beautiful day!

First Dance

Finally, last weekend we were in the Sierra foothills at a cute winery where we attended the wedding of Britt's friend Christine and Matt. They live in Seattle now and we haven't seen them in a long time. What a wonderful reason to see them again! It was a beautiful, if somewhat warm day. A beautiful wedding centered on God, family, and friends.

Wedding #5

And one of the greatest spread at the reception. A brunch menu! Honestly, if I were to have my wedding again, I would serve breakfast. We love it that much! It was fun, and we hope we will get to see them again soon!

Well that's our summer of weddings. They were all special in their own ways and we loved all of them. If you are having weddings and need to fill some seats, give us a call. After this summer, I think we qualify for "professional" status and can help celebrate your most special occasions. Call today!

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