Saturday, February 02, 2013

Photo of the month - January

Untitled by Alanmine
Untitled, a photo by Alanmine on Flickr.

I had so much fun rimmaging through old pictures in my previous posts that I decided that I want to do this every month!

Naturally I didn't have a big month in picture taking. Perhaps it was a little bit of recovery time from a lot of snapping over the holidays. There is such a thing a photography fatigue, right? Good thing I had my phone with me that I was still a steady contributor to Instagram.

This one is not from the phone though. This is a special one as I had been waiting just forever to see the shiny new World Series trophy since they won it back in October. The trophy tour was announced and not only was there a stop in Richmond, but BOTH trophies would be on display. The only problem was that it was to be on a Monday afternoon. However would I, with a clear conscience, skip out on work for this? Well it just so happen (and showing the amount of sacrifice that I was willing to make) that I needed to have a root canal done and the appointment was the same morning! As you can see, I survived it fine (or the drugs were awesome). Some split duties of waiting in line early and picking up kids from work and here we are, surrounded by shinies.

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