Sunday, April 07, 2013

Foggy Window Into My Mind, and where to find it...

Working on my March photo review (I didn't forget!) and it reminds me how many pictures I take that never really see the light of day. I take pictures to share with others. Photography is my way to sharing my life as seen through my eyes. Sometimes I wonder whether pictures are just me being too lazy to write (comparing the number of entries here to... say... my Instagram feed, may support that argument). But pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So it's got to even out somehow (though my English teachers probably never bought into that one).

But back to my original statement. Thanks to technology, I take a lot of pictures, and I would love for you to see more of them. Social media allows for many ways for me to share these pictures but none of them are perfect... or rather, I use them all a little differently so only certain pictures end up at certain places. I would break down the reasons, but they are pretty arbitrary and I probably make them up as I go along. The biggest reason I spread them out is that I don't want to overwhelm anyone with 40 pictures at once anywhere. You probably have that one friend who empties their memory card to an "album" on Facebook and you scroll through pictures after pictures of blurry figures and chopped off heads. Or how about that one Instagram feed that seem to update when the person you follow can get to a Starbucks and steal some wifi to put up 15 pictures at once with the Toaster filter? ... Nope. When I am lucky enough to capture a picture worth sharing, I want you to see it. So when I want most of my friends and family to see it, it will probably make it to Facebook. For a steadier stream of photographic inspiration open to anyone, it will end up on Instagram. When it's a random picture of the latest in kiddie pasta, there is probably a Twitter post about it. If we are REALLY good friends and I know you won't be bothered with me always putting up stuff, there is even the intimate Path. (There's even a rare Google+ post. But that's mostly just to be rebellious and silly. Like posting on MySpace!) Rarely do I cross-post, because most of you are friends with me on more than one social network and you don't need to see the same thing four times (See? I think of you with these things!)

Is this just one long post to get more "friends" or "followers"? Perhaps. But if we do end up connecting on the many social networks around (and trust me, I try a lot of them), I want you to know that I try to do it as thoughtfully as possible. And wouldn't just throw any ol' pictures of...say... a man dressed up as a pickle for nothing.

P.S. An obviously, there will be plenty of pictures here on the blog as well. These will come with words though. Hopefully many thoughtful well thought out ones. (Or at least second draft worthy, and certainly full of snark and sarcasm).

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