Friday, November 26, 2004

In the beginning...

Well, maybe not that dramatic...So this is the world of blogs. I've always been intrigued, and I certainly make regular visits to some great ones. I never quite know what I would do with my very own blog though, so I've been hesitant. I do know this much, I always thought that when I do start a blog, I would not do anything to advertise it. I am not telling anyone about this blog at all. Oh you can read it all you want. You can even post comments, tell friends, link my blog, publish excerpts in your thesis, or send my unverified information to Dan Rather. You are just not going to hear it from me. Call it insecurities, call it my mad internet science experiment, call it Nancy for all I care. Those are the rules.

Now that brings us to the first order of business: How the heck did you find your way here?? Now in this age of the Internet you really can pretty much find anything. But really, you just might have too much time on your hands.

And finally, where do we go from here...First off, if you will be visiting semi-regularly, you will be treated to a lot of dots and parentheses (I had to look up the spelling for the plural of that word). I think it's because I grew up reading a lot of Herb Caen in the SF Chronicle. I'm not trying to imitate to be cute, I really write like this all the time to everyone. I might talk like this sometimes and probably think like that all the time. So if scatter thoughts are your thing, this is the place for least for a few seconds until your mind (and cursor) wanders....

This won't be the funniest blog you read (my friends are funnier than I on a daily basis). It won't be the most thought provoking either (that would probably be....every other blog). Heck, it won't even be the one that makes you the hungriest (my sister would take that honor). But we'll see...Life is pretty funny by itself sometimes. I guess I can just be the narrator...Like that guy on the Wonder Years.

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