Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Science of Cartoons...

My sister was nice enough to stop by and visit after work the other day...ok, she wanted to see the girls, but you know, whatever draws them in...The girls, of course, wanted my sister to either read a book to them or watch cartoons with them. They were watching one of those Disney collection DVDs and I was starting to notice something - You just cannot watch cartoons with my sister. She starts to bring reality into what happens in a cartoon. "Why is that chicken so much bigger than Donald Duck?" "How can he see around the corner like that?" "What kind of animal is Goofy suppose to be?" (ok, that last one was from Stand By Me... How did Jerry O'Connell go from being the fat kid to dating models?? He needs to write a diet book and cash in..)

I don't remember her doing this when we were kids (Of course, Smurfs probably obeyed every law of physics anyway). Wonder how she would handle watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force? "Why is that french fry talking?"

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