Saturday, June 04, 2005

Night out on the Town

Ronald McDonald and Grimace in SF
Originally uploaded by Alanmine.

We celebrated our 6th anniversary Friday with an evening without the kids (really all we can ask for nowadays). It was fun, real casual time together. We first had dinner at Bay Street Plaza in Emeryville and hung out there window shopping. We then headed out into San Francisco where we roamed around North Beach looking for coffee in big soup bowls. While roaming, we ran into...Ronald McDonald? Walking down Broadway with a cameraman was Ronald McDonald, The Hamburlgar, and Grimace. We followed and were hoping they would walk into a strip joint. They just wander though and we lost interest. Had to take a picture though, no one would believe it....

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tim said...

They were probably coked out...I always knew the Mickey D's guys were freaks.