Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On the softball road...

I don't think I've composed a blog on my phone since emailing one in while on a trip to Vancouver five years ago. (If I wasnt on my phone I would link to it) I could've upgraded slightly and post from my iPad but the hotel only gives wifi to one device per room at a time and I let Hannah's phone have it for now. (Beats her using her minuscule amount of cell data) 

Anyways, this is life on the road with my travel softball daughter. We are spending the week in Reno for a regional tournament and it has already been an experience, and we haven't played a game yet. There are like 150 teams here and seeing these girls from all over the western United States (and Canada) is kinda overwhelming. The girls were lucky enough to have some bowling time at the national bowling stadium (not opened to the general public) and the wave of girls and their families was crazy. I hope it has been a good experience for Hannah so far, and that the size of this tournament won't intimidate her too much and she can still do well. Go Crossfires!

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