Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Road to Kona Goes Through Reno and a Ship

It has been a whirlwind (for us, anyway) 6 weeks or so for us. Family activities have dictated our vacations for the past few years and it was never more true than this summer. Last I've posted we were in Reno for Hannah's softball tournament and it was a week of ball parks and buffets. Hannah's team faced some serious competitions from teams from Southern California and Washington but I think for the long haul, the week with the team will benefit them in future play. 

Plus it allowed me to recreate a pic we had taken the last time we were in Reno. (I'll update this post with the old pic when I get home)

Two weeks after that trip, Sara's dance studio was off for their summer trip. First, a day at California Adventures where they performed and we got to check out the new Cars Land. 

Then we boarded the Carnival Inspiration where we took a 4 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, where Sara also performed and we... ate a lot. 

It was fun and also nice to have my parents and sister's family along with us for one big family vacation. Two weeks after returning from that, however, we were off again. This time for Britt's family as her brother was getting married... In Hawaii! This was not only Britt and the girls first trip to the islands, but Audrey's first airplane ride (we are a ride trip kind of family). We spent four and a half days in Kona and the big island and it was spectacular in every aspect. 

Luau coconut treat!

The main event was fantastic as well, a wedding on the beach. Intimate, with close families, as the sun set in the distance. It was certainly an experience I won't soon forget. 

Now, I sit on the flight home somewhere over the pacific, trying to process all the places I've been the last few weeks. I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunities, and thankful to all the people who made all these trips possible. It's not easy to get a family of five somewhere for any extended period of time.. Especially with my kids having such a wide age range, I'm glad we were still able to go somewhere before the older ones start thinking they are too cool to go somewhere with their parents. We all remember family trips when we were young, some were better experiences than others. Seeing it from the other side as a parent now, I'm just thankful for experiences we can have together. 

But ok, back to real life. There's new schools and Halloween and birthdays and Christmas before you know it. Life really does go on... 

- from seat 21A

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