Friday, April 29, 2005

A picture is worth about 232 words...

Well my time without a camera didn't last long. My kids were going to stop being cute so I had to move fast. I decided that I liked the "ultracompact" variety for its convenience to carry around. Britt really wanted a bigger LCD screen to help her frame the pictures. My sister thought I should get a different brand for better picture quality. (Really, why wouldn't that be on the top of everyone's list? Who gets a camera that takes crappy pictures but has great zoom? or because its cool looking? It's a camera. You want one to take pictures of stuff...I don't get it)
So it's so long to the Minolta Dimage X and hello to the Canon Elph SD400. There is a longer story of how I actually decided on the SD300 but I had a 10 percent off coupon for Target along with Britt's employee discount but Target only had the SD400 so it ended up being around the same price of the SD300 but I won't go into it (Wait, that's pretty much the story).

It's hard to show off the camera with pictures...since I would be holding the camera. So here's a picture of my dirty mirror (and apparently I was in the middle of dressing myself. Or starting a new fashion trend). Of course, lots of pictures of my kids are sure to follow...Posted by Hello

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