Saturday, June 02, 2007


Serial dramas are so much better when watched all together. How many of you have had '24' marathons? Who is still planning to finally rent 'Lost' season 1 and start getting into the mythology? (Is it just me?) Heroes lost a significant number of viewers this year because it kept going on extended leaves where people was held in suspense for weeks at a time. I think I might have quit caring if I was put in that position as well. But I got to the party late, and sure watching it online leaves some things to be desired (No more Orville Redenbaucher commercials!!!!), I took two and half weeks and watch 23 pretty engrossing chapters of ordinary people discovering extraordinary chapters. Like any good fantasies, your level of suspense must quite a bit to fully get into the story (my favorite moment of the finale: Sylar stopping bullets before they hit him, only to be skewered by Hiro running at him with a sword. Was he distracted by Ali Larter's hot body too?), but I had a good run, cuddling up to Britt in bed with the laptop.... Now if anyone wants to check out some resourceful folks wandering around an island in the same outfit for 3 years, I am ready to go....

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