Monday, May 28, 2007

A Good Run

3 more chapters online, one finale on the Tivo.

So I was about a week off. I figured NBC would at least keep them online that long. With the announcement of the DVD release (with HD-DVD version too. Another reason to get my Xbox 360 fixed), and the launch of summer contents like graphic novels to keep people interested, maybe I had more time than I thought. There's a lot on how TV viewership is down this season and this should really get those Nielson folks and revamp the way they measure TV viewing. Does anyone have on record that I have just spent the past 2 weeks revolving my life around their show? Does it make it into any widely published totals how many people have shows on their Season Passes on their DVR? All these datas are more available than we think (Tivo knew how many people hit the rewind button to see Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction). It's time it all gets factored into the equation. Despite the amount of crap reality shows that clogs our airwaves out there, we are still watching TV. We are watching TV differently than our parents, so please stop counting us like them. Perfectly good TV shows will only suffer because of it.

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