Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Another year...

We are hitting the proverbial reset button and starting another year. We make crazy promises to ourselves and struggle to keep them. I think this is where I make some resolution to blog more, but looking back, I am writing less than ever everywhere. When I can't muster 140 characters in Twitter, it's probably a bad sign. So yes, I will try to jot down my thoughts somewhere more, but it's not going to be about writing for quantity. It's not about writing because I have no many venues to do it. The more you write, the more focus you get. The more organization of the stuff bouncing around your head all day. So this year, as my resolution, I resolve to find my voice. And if doing it where the three of you who stops by and sees the progress and struggles of that, than that's part of the journey. Write here. Write there. Share my view of the world here. I'm going to use it all to one day to piece it all back, and see me.

Happy 2014, everyone.

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