Sunday, December 19, 2004

DVD mania

In shopping for Christmas, I have learned that DVD's are on almost everyone's wish list. That is probably why that almost every TV shows that has very existed is now available on DVD. I can certainly understand a lot of favorites being made available like Seinfeld or Friends (BTW, I would love to get the Seinfeld set too if anyone is shopping for me). But some releases just makes me wonder if there is really a demand for it. I found out that Night Court is coming out on DVD next month. Now I'm sure a lot of you remember that show. I know I do and I even watched it and liked it. Would I plunk down 30 bucks for a season? And then another 30 for another season? I was talking to Jason about that and we pretty much agreed that you just can't buy one season of a show. ("Yeah, I have season 1, 4, and 8 of Gilligan's Island.")

On the opposite spectrum are shows that must be too new for anyone to give a hoot. I saw a Best Buy that you can get the first season of Without a Trace. Now I haven't actually seen this show, but I'm pretty sure that the six people that do watch it can live without owning the set.

So of course I will rant and rave about some random set of DVD's that I want. No, it's not LOTR - ROTK (I have seen like an hour of the first one and that's it. That puts me in the minority with the world but I think I'm ahead of everyone with about 12 hours of extra time in my life) but an even more heroic figure -- MacGuyver. Really, who didn't love that show as a kid. Didn't you sit at home and wondered what you would use in your kitchen to make a bomb? But of course you wouldn't because MacGuyver always believed that violence (and guns, especially) was not the answer...If TV nowadays were as wholesome...

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