Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ok. I think we've heard all there is to hear about how Cal got screwed in the BCS. I even waited almost a week so I won't go crazy with random voodoo curses for Mack Brown. Let's just highlight my anger and we'll get it over with.

1. The most frustrating thing for me about all of this is Cal got shafted so many ways that I can't even channel my anger properly at any specific thing. Trying to figure out who is most at fault is like watching that one MTV Cribs with Mariah Carey and pointing out the one spot where she is most crazy.

  • The BCS - The system just plain sucks. They argue that the system goes along with history and the chances of a non-major conference school challenging for the national title or having three teams be in contention for championship game is rare. Well guess what? It happened! They are just willing to go with a system and allows for "aberrations" and let schools get screwed, accepting that it works most of the time. Is this what our country is headed for? Speaking of history, why do we guarantee the winner of the major conferences a spot in the BCS? History will say they will get in anyway right? Why do we have a BCS ranking when the top 8 teams don't get to play in 4 BCS bowls? Does that make any sense?
  • Texas - or more specifically,Mack Brown. I understand them getting squeezed out last year as well. But have some integrity, man! Let your games speak for themselves, and cry about it afterwards like Cal fans are doing...
  • Utah - Gosh it's hard to hate them. They are the Cinderella team you root for if this was the NCAA basketball tourney (See, told you we need a playoff in football). But they messed everything up!!

2. So it's on to the Holiday bowl. I remember watching BYU play in that like every year....With like 235 bowl games, do the non-BCS bowls even have any significance anymore? Is anyone of them bigger than another? It used to be that a New Year's day bowl was a big if Cal at least played on New Year's day there would be some respect, right? or how about New Year's Eve? That might be ok...what?...the game is on the 30th? the #4 team in the country? Are you kidding me??

3. I was really trying to decide which of my organs I would sell for some Rose Bowl tickets. Thinking about the big picture, San Diego is probably more fun to visit than Pasadena, but my heart is just not in it the same. I'll watch the game on tv, with some friends, maybe make a party out of it, but it just won't be the same....

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