Friday, August 01, 2008

Day 3/Day 4 - Blackout!

So much for more stories when I get to Canada. I knew that I would no
longer have regular cell coverage in Canada (the roaming fees are
ridiculous, thanks Rogers wireless). That also means no Internet for
me either (it IS possible to miss the EDGE network). I didn't think it
would be so hard to find some Wifi somewhere though. The hotel I am
staying in charges $6 for 24 hours, which I just couldn't justify
(thank you unfriendly exchange rates). So here I am, happily going
back to the States tomorrow, sitting in the parking lot of a motel
down the street, borrowing their wifi (thank you Days Inn!).

Don't get me wrong, Vancouver is great. It even rained here like it
should to give me an authentic experience. Apparently I am just not
the kind if guy that can take one of those technology vacations. I
feel like I am in the dark ages!! Rest assured there are plenty if
pictures and stories. Depending on the line at the border, I'll be
back in Seattle tomorrow afternoon. Until then, it's back to an
unconnected world, and a not as useful phone in my pocket.

I better get going before the Days Inn employees hunt me down and kick
me out....

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