Monday, August 04, 2008

Day 7 - Homeward Bound

In a circle of life twist, I am here again at Motel 6 Medford, using the WiFi of the Travelodge next door. If there is one theme on this trip, it's WiFi still does not come easily or cheaply. I figured that a trip in today's age to major metropolitan areas, I would have little trouble getting a wee little bandwidth to keep me connected with the rest of you. That didn't turn out to be the case, which is too bad. I certainly failed in my attempts to provide a picture or two of amusement. There are plenty of pictures, don't you worry. On three different cameras and everything. So tomorrow night, when I finally get home, I will start sorting through both the pictures I have taken and the stories in my head, and hopefully, if laziness doesn't set in, you will be bored to death of endless recounts of the last 7 days. As with most vacations, there are goods and there are bads, there are hilariously funnies and hopelessly sads. I probably won't get to it all, but here's a preview (and a way to hold me to telling something stories):

- There wasn't much to day 5, except an excruciatingly long wait at the US border. I might never tell this story though. Just mentally put it in a dark place and never speak of it again. 

- Then there was the search for coffee in day 6. You would think in the Seattle area this would be a short story. You would be SO wrong....

- More pictures of us eating than I care to admit to. I need some seriously physical activity when I get back to feel normal again.... a few more helpings of vegetable won't hurt either.

So hopefully, a quick, uneventful trip home tomorrow. (knocking on some serious wood) See you all on the other side...

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