Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A burger that really forces itself on you...

Ah got my Scrubs fix in today. I am a much calmer self....

I was at Fuddrucker's the other night with my wife and her family. I like their burgers, especially all the different meats that you can have. It may be low fat alternatives, but I just like the novelty of it. I like the Buffalo myself while my wife likes the ostrich...anyway so we walked in and I saw a sign for their new burger...a Kobe burger. Now I obviously know what they mean by that, but I stared at that sign for a minute, and my head pretty much exploded with so many jokes at once...So you will have to insert your own joke....here.

Really...Kobe burger?

(I know I know...I saw the title too...I couldn't help myself...)

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