Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Channel surfing

Hmm not doing so well on that resolutions...let's rant with some fresh anger...

Arg...I just missed Scrubs. One of only two shows on tv that I actually make time for, and they changed the time on me. I was busy sitting in a dark room trying to get my daughter to sleep (not nearly as entertaining, by the way. Nothing against my daughter. The light was off, I couldn't even see her.) First I they were pre-empted by this Committed show and now they take over the spot. I watched this show here and there, it's ok. There are some funny parts but I am always weary of midseason replacements. Even if they are good they aren't for long (as Tom Postal just pulled his pants down, showing off lighted boxers). I haven't seen Scrubs in like a month, and there just isn't anything as funny on...at least I caught Las Vegas last night. ..

...Which is the other show I make time for. Why wouldn't I watch beautiful people in a beautiful place? As long as Nikki Cox keeps wearing the cleavage bearing outfits, I will be there. I will even ignore the conveniently invented surveillance technologies that happens to magically figure out who was cheating the casino (how many times have they made images appear on their camera that couldn't have been there? "We only got the back of his head, but we'll just scramble every pixel, put it back together, and there is his face!") Really, more Molly Sims in bathing suit and I'm good.

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