Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bay to Breakers

I guess I could have posted sooner since it happened almost a week ago, but I've been recovering... So it's Bay to Breaker time again, my third time, and still no costume. I think I do it every year for two reasons: an excuse to convince myself to exercise in preparation, and to see the more "colorful" side of the Bay Area...By no means do "colorful" mean naked, of course... I hadn't decided if I was going to be running or walking with my wife this year until we got there. I guess seeing all the people running by kind of inspired me. I was off for a good pace for a while there. Then the Hayes street hill hit and reality set in. With about two blocks left up the hill, I was pretty much done...which brings me back to the naked guys. I have to hand it to them, they really helped me get through it. Whenever I started to get tired and started to walk, I would see the backside of one of them and be motivated to run past them. They kept coming and I kept running. Two hours and two minutes later, I was at the Great Highway standing between a taco and Tinkerbell.

There was a whole thing about not finding my wife and friends for two hours while she was taking a picture with a naked guy, but that's another story. Anyway it was fun. I recommend it for anyone for the experience. But please, a stupid costume is preferred over no clothing.

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