Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Take me out to the ball game...

Charlie Brown Day at SBC
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I had the pleasure of going to two Giants game in a row. One has been planned for a while, the other was a last minute thing. On Friday, work was giving out bleachers tickets. I didn't make the first cut of the ticket drawing, but some of the tickets were returned because people can't make it so I got one. I hadn't actually sat in the bleachers in a long time - I've been spoiled by the luxurious club level and lower level seating lately. It was good time, I hadn't really spent a lot of time outside of work with my co-workers, and it was fun to see them in a more relaxed (and alcoholic) environment. The game sucked though. The Giants were never in it and Brian Lawrence didn't even break a sweat. I had the feeling it wasn't going to get much better the next day...

And I was mostly right. It started ominously as the whole reason for heading out there was because my sister saw that it was Charlie Brown Bobblehead day. It was only to the first 10,000 fans 14 and under so my kids were enlisted for duty. I even got a ticket for Hannah to make getting the bobblehead more legit....so I should've known when the usher didn't even look in Sara's direction when she went through the gate. Totally ignored her. I walked up to another usher and told him that my daughter didn't get one and he told me that coming through the gate was her one and only chance...jerks. We settled in to see the Giants at least tease us with SOME clutch hitting only to see the bullpen fall apart. Great. I have a 1-3 record at SBC this year. This might be the first year in a long time that has happened. I am hoping I can put a stop to the voodoo by attending the even worse A's and D-Rays game on Two Dollar Wednesday. Go....er... B.J Upton?

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