Saturday, May 07, 2005

Siete de Mayo

A follow up to my last post:

- The Company picnic went off nicely. The sun even made an appearance. I brought my mitt and played catch for a while, and a pick up game of touch football took place (I didn't play). There was a raffle for things ranging from $10 gift certificates to Extreme Pizza to the coveted $100 gift card at Target. I did not win any of that stuff. At 2pm, I promptly went home to get ready for the baseball game.

- The Giants-Nats game was pretty much a case of bad to worse. We had pizza beforehand and took a stroll through SBC Park since my co-worker's nephew came along and had never been to SBC before (he is a Dodgers fan of all things. He wore a Dodgers hat and a Piazza Mets jersey. Bad omen #1). We were pretty early and somewhere while watching batting practice, my voice decided to take a vacation. I got more and more hoarse, until I just couldn't talk. I wasn't even heckling. I can't talk right now. This is now my only venue for communicating with the world. Stay tune...

- Then there was the game. The most exciting thing was the fireworks at the end of the game. I don't know what's worse, the Giant's lack of clutch hitting or the pitching staff that likes to give up two out RBIs.

- Forecast still calls for rain tomorrow for my barbecue. We'll see if this weekend gets any better......

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