Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Race is On...

(Don't you hate it when someone disappears for months and just comes back like nothing happened? No explanations for where they have been for the past four months? I know I do)

Recently, I have been wanting to get on the Heroes train. At first I figured, "I already missed the beginning, I'll just wait until the season 1 DVD comes out." Then I remember that the episodes are available online, so I've been meaning to check if it was just recent episodes or the whole season. After overcoming the procrastinations and laziness I finally found out that the whole season is online. Upon hearing that the season finale is Monday, I have an need to get caught up and watch the finale with everyone else on tv (watching shows on the computer, while, convenient, still isn't the most comfortable). So with 6 days until the end, the race is on to watch the last 19 episodes. This will probably mean a mini marathon this weekend, so if anyone want to join me for a few hours of comic book fun, give me a call.

- So far the story is pretty engaging and they balance the different characters pretty well. It's hard not to like the (mis) adventures of Hiro and Ando the best. I've always been a fan of Ali Larter and her Niki character is pretty hot. I hear her story gets kind of dumb later on, but as long as I get to watch her, I'm ok with it.
- Seeing the various handiwork of Sylar is pretty cool too. It's not everyday that you see a guy frozen solid with the top of his head sawed off (unless you watch CSI, I suppose, which I don't). My favorite so far though is seeing Claire on the autopsy table with her chest opened. Neat!
- I'm trying to watch the whole season in a week also because I am afraid that after the finale on Monday, NBC will soon pull it off their website and I will really have to wait for the DVD in August. So I better hurry and get back to it...I'll let you all know my progress as the week goes on....

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