Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still in Pursuit...

Ok, so I didn't quite make it. Monday is here and I am just finished with chapter 14. The quest is still on though, like Hiro on his mission, I am still determined to catch up before NBC pulls them off of their website and force me to buy their DVD (of course, if I am obsessing like this now, I think the chances of me owning the DVD is good). I thought I would get through more of them yesterday after the Bay to Breakers, but I was too tired after dinner (and stiff. There should be a Frankenstein impersonation contest after next year's race) to watch more than a few. So two more down today, the finale is on the Tivo (right next to the Departed. You get the feeling that I save my TV watching just like me saving up my blog entries. Every six months, it's all I can do...), and I am going to be TIRED at work tomorrow (more than usual, of course).

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